Что можно сделать чтобы получить root права? У меня проблема была попасть именно в рекавери, раза с 10, только плпал — кнопки несовсем адекватные, да и режим тоже — это ж надо было додумктся зажать обе кнопки на качельке и потоп питание нажать: Did you know, that you will get part of the credit spent back? Sent from my GT-N using xda app-developers app. Программа обладает следующими особенностями: Add into Favorites To copy the file to Favorites you have to sign in first. Пока только здесь можно почитать.

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DreamReaper con ben 25 Thanks ricevuti negli ultimi sette giorni Utente del mese: Essendo una procedura appena creata potrebbe essere moooooolto instabile e creare danni al cellulare, considerato anche che sfrutta una falla del sistema Se la usate lo fate a vostro rischio e pericolo.

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Скачать Exynosabuse бесплатно на Андроид

Originariamente inviato da Chainfire. This is an APK that uses the ExynosAbuse exploit by alephzain to be able to do various things on your Exynos 4 based device.

Also note that if use the patch method without rooting, or keep patching the exploit at boot enabled when unrooting, you need an alternate method to re-root the device to disable this feature like CF-Auto-Root — you cannot use ExynosAbuse to do this since it patched the exploit.


While the exploit patches work aside from possibly disabling your camerathese are more work-around than actual fixes.

Exynos Abuse

A proper patch exynosabuse-v1.40.qpk be a kernel fix, either from a third party or Samsung themselves hopefully one day The exploit is used by this APK in unmodified form. You should be very afraid of this exploit — any app can use it to gain root without asking and without any permissions on a vulnerable device.

Affected are mostly the SGS3, but there is good news too, there is a potential fix here: It seems to work for a number of people. Do not exynosabuse-v1.40.apk this unless your camera actually breaks due to the exploit, and beware it may cause you to have to reflash your firmware.

ExynosAbuse-vapk |

Also beware that even though this change will not prevent OTAs from downloading, it can possibly prevent OTAs from flashing succesfully. Device status Using this patch may turn your device status into modified.


This will however leave you unprotected again. If you want to go ahead and do that, that is fine, but do not litter my thread with your comments. Because eventually, the modified status is likely to return Compatibility: Download Please do not redistribute, link to this thread instead v1.

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